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Performance Table

Special Characteristics

Specially designed for extra strength and durability.
More efficient than other fans, giving large air deliviries at low and moderate speeds, at minimum sound level and low power consumption.
Designed to deliver a uniform breeze over a wide area.
Trouble free operation because they are exceptionally well engineered, and therefore, need little or no servicing.
Perfectly balanced so that it does not wobble, shake or vibrate.
Finished in attractive stove enamelled glossy paint as powder coated.
They almost last a lifetime.


TEMPEST ceiling fans have aluminium baldes in order to avoid rust or corrosion. The blades are broader and scientifically shaped for wider air displacement. The angles of the blade shanks are pre-set to ensure correct operating angle and will not distort under normal conditions.

Ideal Ceiling Fan
for Tropical
Climates !
Tempest Ceiling Fan


All fans are fitted with selected ball bearings. Each bearing contains sufficient lubricant to last for years.


Choke or Resistance type, regulators housed in strong moulded cases, with five speeds and 'off ' position supplied with the fans. Electronic Regulator can be supplied as an accessory at extra cost.

Performance Table

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